Field Trips & Excursions

Welcome to the announcement page of Field Trips & Excursions. On this page you will find a number of field trips and excursions to destinations at different distances from Bremen. The offered trips focus on different subject areas and are organized by members of the ICRS 2020 organising committee or external partners.

Please contact the hosts/organisers directly if you wish to participate in one or the other trip or excursion before, during or after the week of ICRS 2020. Contacts or booking forms are provided in the description of each trip below. More trips will be added here in the near future.

Landscape in the Making –
National Parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites at the Baltic Sea

Train ride from Bremen via Hamburg to Stralsund, guided tours in medieval city and MEERESMUSEUM. Hotel accommodation in Stralsund. One day guided excursion to the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area NP with forest, dune and beach walk, visit of lighthouse; one day guided excursion to the Jasmund NP with ancient beech forest, cretaceous cliffs and visitor’s centre, Treetop Walk at the Natural Heritage Centre Rügen optional. Guided visit to the OZEANEUM, return to Bremen. More...

Dutch Delights

Experience a scent of Dutch culture and nature. We will visit among others the largest indoor coral reef in Europe, an art museum with more than 20 original Van Gogh paintings, the largest forest of The Netherlands and of course our vibrant capital: Amsterdam. More...

Coral Reefs of the Maldives


Coral reefs of the Maldives are among the most diverse and spectacular reef ecosystems worldwide. This post-symposium field course will give an introduction into Maldivian coral reef ecosystems, the threats they are currently facing, and into activities of their conservation. The MaRHE center provides superb infrastructure for an excellent diving and reef experience, and its location on Magoodhoo Island allows interaction with the local community.


Gotland - A tropical coral reef in the Baltic Sea

Gotland is one of the most important sites for Silurian corals worldwide. It’s over 400 million year old fossil remains  can be found almost everywhere on the island. Many are strikingly beautiful. Formerly located in tropical latitudes, Gotland is now the largest island in the Baltic Sea. For geotourists seeking scenic landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere, mixed with a strong taste of history, Gotland is the place to visit. The fieldtrip will lead to the most important geological outcrops. More...

Museum of Natural History Berlin

The Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Natural History) Berlin is a globally connected interdisciplinary research institute that holds more than 30 million collection items, which are used to study the evolution of planet Earth and of life at large. This one-day pre-conference excursion includes a visit to the exhibitions of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin with a special guided tour to the collection of Marine Invertebrates. More...

‘Spiekeroog’ and the Wadden Sea

This tour will visit the Frisian island Spiekeroog and the German Wadden Sea. During the guided boat trip, you will visit sandbanks populated with seals. On Spiekeroog, a local Wadden Sea guide will walk with you through the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site and the exhibition of the National Park Center. Later on, you will have time to explore Spiekeroog before the boat brings you back to the main land. More...